The only Item I like is not in your list, what should I do?

In case the item of your choice is not among thousands of items that we carry, we suggest you to kindly send us your specifications. We will be more than happy to custom design one for you. Our ‘request’ section is devoted to customers such as yourself who can go and place a request for a new product or put any actress on it. We will inform you the moment your product is ready for shipment. Of course you are not obligated to buy it, until you are 100% satisfied. We will offer you some more designs to choose from.

What options do I get to buy the products in a secure manner?

Security while purchasing is of paramount importance. We understand your concern. So, we recommend you to our ebay store. Although our ebay store does not stock as many items as this store, yet you get the benefit of watertight security while purchasing. We will tell you beforehand about the listing on the ebay store so you can purchase easily.

Can MyCasesCovers be trusted?

With cyber crimes on the rise, you are right to ask this question. Though we have entered into the world of web fairly recently, our business has operated in the industry for few years and we have been fortunate to provide our services to a few thousand individuals across the world through ebay. We get several positive reviews daily on our resource from ebay and that is a good reflection of our credibility.

I paid. Now what?

Once your purchase is complete we will inform you. Then we review your information to make certain everything is okay and stands good. Once we have satisfied our processes then we will contact you about its approval. Then we begin to print the product and get ready for shipment. It takes us 48hrs and we will again inform you about all the necessary details of shipment. Please visit our link shipping details for more information on the same.

You already have an ebay store, so why should I purchase from here?

The prices on our website are better than the ones you get on our ebay store. Ebay charges a hefty fee for listing and then there’s the 12% final value fee we must pay ebay. So, we charge a higher price to our consumers to stay in profit. Then there is the wide array of products that our store offers. Most of the designs that go to ebay get designed here. You get something before hand and at a cheaper rate. You also get the option of getting your product custom designed. So, with all this to get, don’t you think you should buy from here?

I want to use my own picture, where do I upload?

Some of you may want to have your own pictures on the products. You can do so by uploading your personal picture through our upload page. Rest assured, we always take good care of your privacy and we handle your information or any relevant images with great care. Please read our privacy policy to learn more about how we handle data collected from users.

Can you ship to my country?

Except Israel and Italy, our products can be shipped to any country.

Do you sell and ship in large numbers?

Once the order has been placed and approved, we notify you about it to check whether the information entered is right. Large orders are delivered through FedEx or DHL for a quick and safe delivery so your order is shipped through professionals. You may have to pay a little extra for this added service. Once you have paid, we will start the shipment process.

Does my order need review and approval?

We need to protect ourselves from fraudulent activities. A little caution is in the favor of everyone. There have been a few buyers in the past who initiated a charge back, even after receiving shipment. Once bitten, twice shy you may say. But then it is in the favor of everyone as you also know that once we have satisfied things to our content, you will get nothing but our 100%.

I received a defective item. Now what should I do?

Though rare, there are a few instances when defects do happen. In case you received a defective item in your shipment feel free to let us know. We will replace or repair any defects that occurred due to manufacture or material at no extra cost. We will want you to send us that item so we can inspect it well and do away with similar defects that might occur in future. There is a return policy and we provide information on the steps taken to replace a defective item. Please visit refund & returns policy to know more on the subject.

So, what’s the time period between shipment and delivery?

While it takes up to 72 hours to get our products ready for shipment, the delivery depends upon the postal services of your country and China. Also, custom rules must be taken into account as well. The clearance might delay delivery. We want you to receive your purchases as soon as possible, but we are bound by various rules. Please visit our shipping page here to get an idea of the average time taken across various countries. We cannot really tell you with certainty about any specific time period; nor can we give you a universal time line. However, we can only provide you with a general idea of the days taken depending upon the country you want your product shipped to.

It is more convenient for me to pay via credit card. What do I do?

We do enlist the services of PayPal for all those who prefer paying by credit card. Just create an account with us and in a couple of minutes you are ready to transact. This will require a few private information, but we assure you absolute safety with privacy issues as we use only PayPal because it provides its own buyer security services.

I liked your services and I would very much like to recommend you. How do I do that?

It would give us a lot of joy to know that you liked us enough to consider recommending us to your friends and thus help us grow. The easiest way to do is to get to our Facebook page and ‘like’ us or become a ‘fan’ or follow on Twitter and spreading the word about us to your friends and family. Also, you can drop in all of your thoughts, ideas, praise and even some constructive criticism in our ‘feedback form’ which will be received by our friendly team.

How do I contact you?

We know that you have numerous questions and these cannot be answered at a go in the FAQ section. That didn’t stop us from trying! Jokes apart, in case you have an unsatisfied query or you simply wish to speak to us, feel free to contact us. We have listed our email address and the phone number here.

Phone number: +(60)1-69-837-624
Email: support@mycasescovers.com

The best way to contact us, however, is through a secure contact form pages. It is far more effective as it’ll help us solve your problems/answer your questions better if it is in writing itself. Also, we can cross check this information against your payment history & order placement and get back to you that much sooner.