Shipping Times

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee shipping times as we have absolutely no control over how long it will take for your package to be passed onto the postal service within your country, or how long it will take for the package to go through a customs inspection and gain clearance.

The delivery times that follow are only estimated delivery times, however they have be obtained from buyers who have purchased products to be delivered to these countries and regions. These times are based on the usage of the EMS and DHL Shipping Service.

  • United States : 8-14 days
  • Canada : 8-14 days
  • Australia : 8-14 days
  • United Kingdom : 8-14 days
  • Germany : 8-14 days
  • France : 8-14 days
  • Other Europe Country : 9-21 days
  • Central / S America / Rest of the world : 15-30 days

Please note: This is Print On Demand product. Please allow up to 3 days for production and for us to drop them in the mail to you.

Tracking of Your Packages

After a shipment is successfully initiated, you can trace it through the following website

Once we have sent your shipment you will be able to track your parcel through the websites which relate to your country. Please note that until your package is handed over to your country you will be unable to find out any more information than the fact it is in the hands of Malaysia Post. Once it is in your country the tracking will become a great more detailed. We suggest that you supply a telephone number at the ‘sign up’ stage so you can be contacted should the courier have any difficulty in delivering your package.

Holiday Shipping

Please note that the delivery times above are based on being shipped during the regular season. If important holidays such as Christmas or Chinese New Year are close then you can expect there will be a considerable delay on top of these, sometimes as much as two weeks.

Customs Clearance

In order to ensure that your package passes through customs quickly and without incurring any charges we will declare the item as a gift. However, in the rare case that customs fees are occurred you agree that these fees will be covered by the buyer.

Shipping Worldwide

We are able to ship to all countries, however, we are regrettably unable to ship to Israel, Cuba, Iran, Syria & Sudan.