Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following information is our Terms of Service (TOS). These are to govern the use by you of the service. The TOS describes your responsibilities and rights. Our Shop is for those 18 years or older and minors with parental permission for maintaining and opening an account. By using this website, you agree to accept the TOS so please read through carefully.

By clicking Submit and completing the process of registration, you state your eligibility for an account. You will be bound by these terms and conditions throughout the use.

We have the right to delete, modify or add to the TOS at any time and at our discretion. We will post a new agreement or change notice on our website when this happens. You can choose not to accept the chances if there are any that are unacceptable to you. Continuing to use this website will show that you do accept all the changes in place and you will become bound by the new TOS.

So that we can professionally, quickly and efficiently serve your needs and ensure that all correspondence with customers is documented correctly, we ask that you submit any inquiries that you have via our email address. These will be verified quickly and a reply will be given within 24 hours as long as you include your order number or “MyCasesCovers” in the subject line. Please send your email to support[at]MyCasesCovers.com.

The customer is to certify that he is at least 18 years of age and is able to enter into transactions legally on our website.

Duty of Care

It is not our responsibility for any damage or fading that may happen if the items are not cared for or washed in the wrong way.

Refund Policy

We will replace or repair defective items and ship out the new ones to you. However, you need to send the defective item first for full inspection. The return costs for shipping will be at the cost of the customer. We offer more information about our refund policy through this page.

Time of Shipping

It will take up to two working days to start the production of your order once received and confirmed. The time of shipping will usually take between 8 and 15 working days to arrive to your home. These times are for Europe, USA and Canada. For more information about our times for shipping, please check out this page.

Countries That We Ship To

We offer shipping to all countries except Italy and Israel. We will not pay for any Duty Charges, Brokerage Fees or VAT that is due during delivery. Please contact your own postal service for more information about your local regulations and laws regarding your package.